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14 Oscar Winning Horror Movies

Oscar Winning Horror Movies, believe it or not they do exist! Right now there is alot of buzz around the Oscars and not all of it is good. Continue reading

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The 13 Worst Horror Movies Of 2012

Alright, confession time – I never really WANT to write a “Worst Of” horror list because I try to find value in every horror movie, and it’s always easy to pick on the weak. Continue reading

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Halloween Horror Movies Top 10

It’s Halloween which means its time to list some great Halloween Horror Movies! There are a lot of great horror movies out there and its never an easy task to pick some that are going to satisfy your Halloween needs but I am always up for a challenge. My interests tend to lean more towards the older horror films so I have chosen quite a few classics but hopefully in doing so I will introduce some of our younger readers to a whole new basket of awesome horror films that everyone should see. Continue reading

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October Horror Movie Preview

October is always a prime month for horror movies (what with, you know, Halloween and all), and there seems to be even more blood-soaked offerings than usual this year, with no less than nine fright fests set to hit theaters over the next 31 days. Continue reading

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