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Top Rated Horror Movies

With Halloween just about here—it’s time for a scary movie or two.  Me?  I love the old classics with the late Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney—movies like “The Mummy” “The Wolfman,” and the original “Frankenstein.”  They were not super scary, but enough to keep you on your toes.  Everybody has a certain point of view when it comes to horror movies. Some like slasher pics, others like psychological thrillers. And, still others, love the classics. Continue reading

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Dead Before Dawn 3D (2012)

Dead Before Dawn is a film I thought I’d enjoy to some extent since the trailer made it seem so fun. Instead, not only did I not like it, but half way in I realized that it was also the perfect example of where a movie’s trailer is actually MUCH better than the movie itself. Continue reading

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October Horror Movie Preview

October is always a prime month for horror movies (what with, you know, Halloween and all), and there seems to be even more blood-soaked offerings than usual this year, with no less than nine fright fests set to hit theaters over the next 31 days. Continue reading

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