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7 Iconic Horror Movie Weapons

In the realm of the horror film, if the villain doesn’t have massive claws and teeth, then they’re going to need some serious hardware to do their killing. This is a list of some of the most memorable killing implements in horror movie history. Michael Myers – Kitchen Knife Let’s get the obvious entries out the way first Continue reading

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Horror movies: Why do we pay to be scared?

As creator of the Halloween film franchise that has influenced countless other creepy movies, Irwin Yablans is easily one of the horror movie industry’s most respected authorities. The prolific producer — whose new memoir, The Man Who Created Halloween, recently hit shelves — shares his expert insight on why we can’t stop watching movies that lead to sleepless nights. Continue reading

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10/3/2012 Slash revealed via Facebook on Tuesday (October 2nd) that he was going into the studio to begin recording the score for Nothing To Fear, the first horror film from the guitarist’s Slasher Films production company. Slash wrote that the score was “really coming together . . . Continue reading

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