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Top Rated Horror Movies

With Halloween just about here—it’s time for a scary movie or two.  Me?  I love the old classics with the late Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney—movies like “The Mummy” “The Wolfman,” and the original “Frankenstein.”  They were not super scary, but enough to keep you on your toes.  Everybody has a certain point of view when it comes to horror movies. Some like slasher pics, others like psychological thrillers. And, still others, love the classics. Continue reading

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Horror movies: Why do we pay to be scared?

As creator of the Halloween film franchise that has influenced countless other creepy movies, Irwin Yablans is easily one of the horror movie industry’s most respected authorities. The prolific producer — whose new memoir, The Man Who Created Halloween, recently hit shelves — shares his expert insight on why we can’t stop watching movies that lead to sleepless nights. Continue reading

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Don’t Let Him In

This is a UK horror movie made in 2011, that when watched has the feel of an old time cult classic from the 1970’s. The plot and story-line of this movie are good and will draw you in to watch … Continue reading

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