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Roger Ebert and Horror Movies

It’s no secret that the horror genre and film critics rarely mesh well together.  As horror fans, we typically use the argument that critics just don’t “get” the appeal of horror films.  In many ways, I think that’s a valid argument. Continue reading

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4 underappreciated horror movies

The season of horror movies is upon us. This means that cable channels will unleash their usual marathons of the horror classics of yore and slasher movie franchises that stopped being good after their second installments. Here are a few off-the-beaten-path alternatives to the “Exorcists,” “Friday the 13ths” and “Texas Chainsaw Massacres” that always seem to dominate the Halloween horror landscape Continue reading

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Top 15 Horror Movie Killers

Since the dawn of time, horror movies have been giving chidren night terrors and making young adults think twice about traveling in the dark, even some grown ups fear the unknown and let their psyche play tricks on them after … Continue reading

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