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Rites of Spring Movie Review

Rites of Spring is a double-sided tale that flips back and forth between two different stories that eventually come colliding together to, basically, create a whole other movie. The first half of the story is about two girls who are being held captive in a barn. What is planned for these young women is unclear at first, but soon it becomes apparent that they will be partaking in a yearly ritual that has resulted in numerous missing women since 1984. Continue reading

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Horror movies: Why do we pay to be scared?

As creator of the Halloween film franchise that has influenced countless other creepy movies, Irwin Yablans is easily one of the horror movie industry’s most respected authorities. The prolific producer — whose new memoir, The Man Who Created Halloween, recently hit shelves — shares his expert insight on why we can’t stop watching movies that lead to sleepless nights. Continue reading

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10/3/2012 Slash revealed via Facebook on Tuesday (October 2nd) that he was going into the studio to begin recording the score for Nothing To Fear, the first horror film from the guitarist’s Slasher Films production company. Slash wrote that the score was “really coming together . . . Continue reading

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October Horror Movie Preview

October is always a prime month for horror movies (what with, you know, Halloween and all), and there seems to be even more blood-soaked offerings than usual this year, with no less than nine fright fests set to hit theaters over the next 31 days. Continue reading

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