MAMA: An Oreo Cookie Of A Horror Movie

Guillermo del Toro is still a golden boy. Over the years he’s attached his name to various projects in the capacity of executive producer and his name continues to carry weight. The reason for that is clear: he doesn’t support bad movies.

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Bruce Campbell on Horror Films and Great Filmmaking

Bruce Campbell is the freakin’ man! I love listening to this guy talk; it’s always entertaining. He was at WonderCon this last weekend promoting Evil Dead, and he was by far the best and most entertaining part of that convention. io9 caught up with the actor at the convention, and he talked about the secret of great filmmaking, horror films, and how horror comedies are making a comeback.

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Bad Love: 8 Bad Relationships in Horror Movies

In the following movies, we have different kinds of obsessive love involving all sorts of people. There are men, women, and even a child. We can learn a valuable lesson from these relationships: Sometimes it isn’t your enemies whom you should fear.

Sometimes it’s the person who loves you way, way too much, who wants to keep you always and forever for their very own. Possibly in their freezer. Bade Love: The Top 8 Bad Relationships in a Horror Movie

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Rites of Spring Movie Review

Rites of Spring is a double-sided tale that flips back and forth between two different stories that eventually come colliding together to, basically, create a whole other movie. The first half of the story is about two girls who are being held captive in a barn.

What is planned for these young women is unclear at first, but soon it becomes apparent that they will be partaking in a yearly ritual that has resulted in numerous missing women since 1984. The second half of the story also follows a kidnapping plot, as a handful of would-be criminals take hostage the daughters’ of a wealthy businessman in the hope they will receive a healthy ransom for their safe return.

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The 13 Worst Horror Movies Of 2012

Alright, confession time – I never really WANT to write a “Worst Of” horror list because I try to find value in every horror movie, and it’s always easy to pick on the weak. Making silly analogies, calling filmmakers out, trashing tacky performances, crapping all over nonsensical plots and even worse execution – it’s simple child’s play really.

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Top 30 Best New Horror Movies Of 2013

Let’s take a look at the biggest and best horror movies of 2013. The scary list features the usual mix of remakes (‘Evil Dead’), adaptations (‘World War Z’) and original fare (’7500′). We’ll go through the good and bad to find the gems. Here’s our definitive guide to the best new horror movies, 2013 :

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The Best Horror Films of 2012

2012 was a year notable for how few of the horror films were notable.  A couple excelled, and a couple outright stank, but most were middle-of-the-pack affairs.  As with previous years, I didn’t bother too much with Hollywood horror sequels and remakes; hopefully you spent your time searching for old films unseen, overseas films, and indie attractions.  So here’s what I thought of the year, going from the least impressive horror flicks to the most essential.

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