Horror Movie A Day: Believe

Sooner or later I’m gonna have a kid or two of my own, and a few years after that I have to decide when they’re old enough to join me for horror movies. Obviously, hardcore stuff will wait til they’re older, but unlike my mom (bless her, otherwise), I think I’ll refrain from showing them things that they wouldn’t truly appreciate until they were a bit older and thus wiser.

Sure, The Fly was cool to see because of the makeup FX and such, but as a kid I didn’t have much use for what actually makes the movie great (the love story, the god complex, etc). My kid(s?) will have to be older before I show them stuff like that. But a movie like Believe, he can watch that when he’s like 6 if he wants; I’ll just tell him he’s making a mistake and then go off into the other room and play his video games.

Interestingly, at times it reminded me of Lady in White, a movie I did see as a kid but probably should have waited until I was a bit older, despite the PG-13 rating. The racial overtones and subject matter went right over my head, and now as an adult I realize it was actually kind of important to certain plot points.

But there’s nothing that “deep” here, as it’s just about some punk kid who gets sent to live with his estranged grandfather after pulling a prank at his private school, and how he then encounters a ghost and helps solve a very uninteresting mystery. The closest thing to subtext is probably at the very end when his love interest (a very young Elisha Cuthbert – go ahead and make a cougar joke, I’ll wait…) gives him a funny look when he asks about coming over. Yes son, they’re going to make out off-screen. Sorry, I told you it was kind of a lame movie.

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